2020 International Girls Rock Camp Alliance is coming to Des Moines!!

Photo of 2018 GRCA Conference Attendees. Appel Farms, NJ

Photo of 2018 GRCA Conference Attendees. Appel Farms, NJ


Girls Rock!Des Moines Brings 2020 International Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference to Des Moines

Conference will bring members from all over the world to Des Moines

DES MOINES, Iowa, September 17, 2019 -- Girls Rock!Des Moines (GR!DSM), an Iowa non-profit dedicated to empowering girls and gender-expansive folx ages 10-16 years old, is pleased to announce that Des Moines, IA has been selected to host the International Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) Conference at Camp Sunnyside from April 23-26, 2020

The GRCA annual conference is expected to bring over 200 Girls Rock Alliance members who operate camps in various countries around the world to Des Moines. Attendees will benefit from unique opportunities for growth, leadership, and collective movement. Workshops, assemblies, caucuses, collaborative and collective learning, are geared towards helping attendees propel the mission of the GRCA in their home programs.

“We are extremely excited to have been chosen as the 2020 site facilitator for the International GRCA Conference,” said Sara Routh, Director of Girls Rock!Des Moines. “We welcome our sister programs from around the world with wide, open arms.”

“Des Moines is a thriving community with an excellent team within GR!DSM,” said GRCA Communications co-chair Savhanna Wilson. “The expressed enthusiasm of GR!DSM and the hospitality we’ve already experienced from the community is proof enough that Des Moines will be an exciting, supportive location for the 2020 International Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference.”

GR!DSM will also work with community organizations, Catch Des Moines and The Greater Des Moines Partnership, to bring awareness to the conference and promote throughout the community.

“Hosting the 2020 International Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference provides an exciting opportunity to showcase the metro to a global audience and build on the successes of our growing live music scene,” said Jay Byers, CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership. “It also sends a powerful message that Girls Rock!Des Moines has established a strong national reputation of empowering girls from across our region through music, education and collaboration.”

“What a unique opportunity for our community to host something as empowering as the Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference,” said Greg Edwards, President & CEO of Catch es Moines. “As an organization focused on creativity and collaboration, Girls Rock Camp Alliance couldn’t have picked a more appropriate host city. We’re excited to show them how much Des Moines rocks and hope they’ll be back for an encore!”

“The continued support from the Greater Des Moines Partnership and Catch Des Moines was a key factor in Des Moines being selected for the GRCA Conference host city,” said Jen Carruthers, Vice President of GR!DSM. “We are proud to call Des Moines home and are excited to share our wonderful city with our visiting sisters of GRCA.”

About Girls Rock!Des Moines

We lift up the unique voices of girls and gender-expansive folx through creative expression. We believe each one of our friends should have a chance to celebrate their one-of-a-kind identity, their own inner strength and creativity and connect to the world around them through music education, art and performance. We encourage them to explore their inner rocker, develop creative hapbits, and discover what inspires them. At GR!DSM, every rocker gets to share their unique voice with the world - because every girl’s voice rocks. Fore more information, visit www.girlsrockdsm.org

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About Girls Rock Camp Alliance

The Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) is an international membership network of youth-centered arts and social justice organizations. We provide resources and space for community building to our membership in order to develop and strengthen the movement for collective liberation. The GRCA exists to unite, develop, and support its member organizations. The most important method of support the GRCA provides for member organizations is the GRCA Conference, which take place every spring at varying locations across the world. For more information, visit www.girlsrockcampalliance.org

GR!DSM Media Contact:

Jennifer Carruthers

Vice President of Girls Rock!Des Moines


(515) 710-4709

Girls Rock Camp Alliance Media Contacts:

Savhanna Wilson & Prosper Hedges

Communications Committee Co-Chairs

Girls Rock Camp Alliance


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